Is there a Dragon Ball Z thread? If not


Nothing stopping history from repeating itself!

It won’t be goku, it will be beerus who wakes up then tells whis of how he witnessed a SSG, black, top and frieza’s resurrection. Then talks to the oracle fish and finds out it was all just superstitious nonsense.


Wish they wouldve gave Adult Gohan a few of his new attacks from Super to make he stand out a bit more (like that sparkle bomb thing he used on Tien). Oh well


I always remembered his fight in Z fondly because he forevent throwing out Ki blasts in favor of fast and savage physical strikes that actually made his transformation feel like more than just a general power increase.


Gohan and Gokus fighting style are very different though their teqniques are similar.
Gokus go to is the dodge and wait for the opening, Gohan on the other hand is more of a block counter and try to turn defense into offense while (as an adult at least) using less strikes but more powerful strikes to be able to go on the defensive on the fly when the situation calls. Gohan more or less sits in the pocket and plays jab range footsies fishing for counterhits. Goku being a dodge counter guy,
finds an opening goes on offensive till he gets blown up he’s always trying to put someone in the vortex or tod combo them. All in all its a stupid over simplification but.

Goku is like Ken, Gohan is like Ryu. Similar but not reallt if you know about nuances in fighting.


I guess Vegeta is Dan then


And it will be kid Goku from Dragon Ball GT who dream all this. Trolliyama will make GT canon and laugh his ass off.


Vegeta is Akuma. flying about attacking like a mad man then once he get’s hit his hit points drop to 50%


I don’t think Beerus or Whis would let that shit fly. Whis is the one translating the wishes anyway and no one from U7 can bully him AFAIK. I also don’t think Frieza has any food to convince them with either.


Its like Vegeta has progressed so far character development wise, but has almost completely regressed as a fighter. Tired Goku pulling out all kinds of tricks and evolving, Vegeta just as braindead


Being as badly written as he always is, and getting all the asspulls he always gets, he’s gonna somehow know the language of the Gods or something stupid like that.


Isn’t it just backwards speak or something similar?


Yup. Still enough of a barrier to avoid shouting a wish out. It’d be the difference between someone speaking the native language and someone using an English-Language dictionary. And that’s with the benefit of knowing that you NEED to use the language


Major spoilers are out fam. Be warned.



Them spoilers.



Gohan goku fusion vs jiren calling it now


Go team robo. Rooting for ya.


That ep122 title.

Ahh well sweet prince, it was fun while it lasted :frowning:
He gonna get bodied back into a monkey.


See, first Gokhan convert right here :rofl:


Vegeta about to catch that new year ass whooping!


Damn Beep-Boop Universe hanging in there…didn’t see that coming.