Is there a Dragon Ball Z thread? If not


I dunno who got the Dragon Balls, but thanks.


Goku has to be country music cause cmon

Roshi listens to jpop/kpop


I like this line up apart from one thing. we all know piccollo be listening to


Just read this prediction on /r/DBZ regarding the next few episodes (which does contain spoilers) that I thought was a really good read.


The same poster also did a second prediction of what might happen after the episodes with their spoilers revealed (post-episodes 123-126):


Thoughts? It honestly sounds much better than what we’re probably going to get :confused:


The first part sounds cool.


First part sounds really good actually. That would be a good episode


Come on, SRK can make a better prediction than that :coffee:


Those fandictions only cover the next few eps

Which leads to the obvious conclusion

That Gohan will somehow win.


Gohan is the fucking Chosen One/Child of Prophecy, so I’d be completely fine with him beating Jiren…no matter how much bullshit is involved.


Too good to be true, hope all that shit happens bit not holding my breath


The Reverse Surprise Sex has awakened.

…because Goku was the Sleeper, y’know?

Chichi be straight creepin’.



i haven’t read spoilers but I think today’s episode will be fillerish. The preview image of both Vegeta with new power up and Kaoiken Goku will probably be the end of the episode so we’ll have to wait for next week to see how they fare against Jiren. Hope to be wrong but that’s how it has been with other reveals and stuff


EDIT: I guess it’s actually a Chris impersonator. Pretty good one.

Also, fuck the WMA Announcer guy. He’s so obnoxious in the beta


Are you nuts? Frieza’s regal princely ass is definitely classical, Cell would be metal.


Nah man, Freeza listens to his song on loop



Frieza is that classy guy that dresses up all nice and has the best mannerisms of the group.


I’d think maybe gohan/goku will be left vs jiren and simply get stomped until the clock run out, wich at this point they would have pretty be able to tank shit and maybe hurt Jiren a bit too.
(with gohan signature 3 episode kamehameha clash.).


I can see the outrage from the SJW’s when Gohan goes Super Saiyan White :sweat:


we’re gonna be able to watch the rest of db super together boys! i am super excite! its like they used the super dragon balls to wish universe srk back to life!!!