Is there a DS4 that doesn’t break?


Hi so I’m on my 3rd DS4 and the d pad is about to wear out and the directional inputs are getting random.
Is there a aftermarket DS4 that won’t break? Or is easily repairable? I’ve bought DS4 parts on amazon but they don’t feel the same and it breaks very easily.


Maybe use a first party ps3 controller and a brook adapter? Or Xbox one controllers are pretty hefty too.



I am still on my Well first DS4.
Reason I saw well as I have two, I got the black controller than came with the system and a Blue one well because its Blue . I have my PS4 since the year it launched, I am still on the same Blue Controller.


Maybe this guy is a machine and plays a lot.

I used to play a lot of Dark Souls and got an Elite Xbone controller, well, I was new to DS then and panic blocking was my vice. LB was trashed, luckily I got warranty on the thing and got a replacement but I learned my lesson and swapped buttons to block with LT and parry with LB. With that said, after looking inside and out at both the Elite and the standard pad, I see the design on the elite is rather flimsier, really upsetting considering this is supposed to be a high grade controller.


Thanks for the reply guys, I got a weird tendency to mash the buttons since the snes, even though they don’t need to be mashed.
When I played guile my left thumb will be holding the d pad so hard ill have to take a rest between games so I had to give up on him.
An adapter to use your old controllers is actually a brilliant idea! I’m not a fan of the R2 and L2 being a pressure sensitive button with enormous play so it’s perfect. I’ll check into that.


Yeah I forgot to mention almost never do fighters on a game pad, I am a stick player.

I admit the DS4 isnt the best pad for fighters.
Something with 6 face buttons is preferable for fighters.


We need that Saturn PCB…I wouldn’t even know where to start but I’m hoping 8bitdo and places of that nature get a clue. The Genesis PCBs they have been making are a good start, let’s hope the train doesn’t stop there.

Incidentally, adding a brook to a Saturn pad seems feasible, I did it to an interact PC pad and a SF15thA pad with a DB15 cord then unto project boxes, I can see doing it to a Saturn PCB as well with a DB15 and a Brook UFB/Retro, then bonus being able to use the Neo peripherals as well if wired accordingly.


You can do it with an old madcatz sfiv pad to UDUSB to whatever pcb. I tried it with mine it worked quite well.


I have been playing Demons souls since October 6, 2009 and beat and platinum every souls games expect dark souls 3. Finished bloodborne a few months ago. I am still on my first dualshock 4.

I did go through like 2-3 dualshock 3 but I still play my PS3 to this day so its going on 10 years of heavy use. The disc drive has been broken for years. And I used to PVP heavy on scholar of the first sin. I still have my character builds.

and lmao at playing souls games on a xbox controller. I can already tell you’re a scrub at PVP. You’re like the stereotype souls player that smashes his controller when he loses or gets stuck lol. If you button mash on souls games you’re going to meet a parry god.


Typical Souls player. That is the very reason I can’t play Souls online, everyone thinks they are God at the game wont help any new players at all. Toxic community of that game.


It does get that rap lol. It’s not a hold your hands kind of game or community.

They are my favorite games though. I got a PS2 to get MGS2 then I got a PS3 just to get MGS4. Then I randomly got demons souls on release day and after about a year it just took off. Now it’s my two favorite franchises.

The souls games are what lead me back into fighters. I used to play fighters at the arcade and on genesis and even had a fightstick in 2010 on PS3 the SFV standard. I just love the idea that its skill level. That you can body or free someone and just go 10-0 on them. To me it’s not about always winning though. Its about improving and learning. Its the git gud meme. I know its existed before souls games but their community really defined it like halo did tea bagging.


I’m not much into holding your hand typed of games either. It’s just the complete lack of community and everything is a well kept secret. It’s a game not a lifestyle. I love MGS2 too btw. I beat that and 3.


Relax kid, I played my first souls in the form of Darksouls 360 on Xbone with the elite when it was the free game of the month or something like it. Of course I’m gonna panic block, it’s only natural your first time around. I broke my controller in the process but that was then, now it’s a different story, played them all, beat them all. Scholar is my favorite for PvP.

I used the elite because I wanted to use the paddles for certain things without ever letting go of the right thumbstick. I’ve done some crazy stuff with it, I can also play vanilla and show you a thing or two so don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten the purity of the game. Can do the Ivory King fight with just a bonefist, naked!~…nothing else…

PS: I don’t smash my controllers, that’d be stupid. I’m surprised you can play DS given your lack of logic and understanding with all the noise you’ve been making about padhacks and Brooks being not up to your expectations.


Lol I was only joking when I said you broke a controller. I didn’t know you actually did.

I will say you’re not the only one. The souls series is known for many broken controllers and rage quitters. The community does get a toxic rap. I think the franchise just attracts a lot of competitive play and a lot of the hardcore gamers. But so does the FGC to me.

I meant a player online in CA and I’m in FL and I got him into the souls series. Years later I eventually got to meet him. Had some lunch and went video game hunting.


That’s exactly what I said on the first post, I broke the LB after a month of use due to panic blocking. I was hooked trying to play and did it too often. When comparing the two controllers the standard has a better design including material.

Rage quitting and breaking controllers intentionally is for people with more problems than just being bad at a video game.


If it’s your 3d DS broken, I doubt the problem is only in product’s quality , Idk may be you’re using it wrong way xD Didnt notice any troubles with mine . Perhaps, you should try cheeper DS for playing, this way you wont regret breaking it.


The DS4 won’t break if the LB was not fixed and that also totally depends on the player as well as the player has to maintain and has to look into the DS4. Similarly, I was also having the issue of ERROR CODE 0XC0000428 as the DS4 was not supportable.