Is there a Dungeon and Fighter thread?

search doesnt seem to want to work for me, but I was hoping someone had more info on this or if anyone here played it:



I too am interested in this game, any pics or vids of this game?

there were was some really clean vids on crunchy roll but you prolly gotta have a membership to view em so i didnt post it, but if you got one, check it, that Desperado is real nice.

glad to see a game like this is still popular

Your avatars might cause epilepsy…

Wow that games looks awesome. I’m a huge fan of those kind of games. e.g: River City ransom, TMNT, Alien vs. predator.

i am reminded of shadow over mystara or guardian heroes

Wow, looks very nice. Its seems that Korea is also making beat em ups outside of Japan with IGS.

PD: angelpalm, is your avatar from Zombie Strippers? =p

lol, yup

man, i would love to play this game or something similar

This game is pretty good the combo system is fun and the controls are the most responsive I have seen so far on an action rpg styled mmo. It is however a huge pain in the ass to get up and running. If you want to play the Korean version which is the biggest and most up to date version you will need a Korean social security number to register and knowing some Korean would help. The best option right now for most people is the Japanese version of the game which does not require a Japanese social but you do need to play it through a proxy so that the server thinks you are in japan.:wink:

Its funny I just uninstalled this yesterday when I realized I just don’t play it anymore. I would definitely recommend it to fans of capcoms cps2 dungeons and dragons games.

it really is a great game.

just got sick of playing over seas servers ; ;. if it comes to usa, this could be one of my most played games ever =D

how much shit do you do you gotta do to play this game?

Ya’ll still playing this ish?