Is there a Fighter Maker thread? No? Niiiiiiiiiice

So I decided to make a thread for the Fighter Maker games. I recently ordered Fighter Maker 2 off of ebay, and I’m more than aware of the tedium involved. I’m just wayyyyy too turned on by the idea of making my own VF character, more or less.

…no homo.

So you can make this?


haha, fighter maker 1 had lighting effects on limbs? FM2 doesn’t have that crap.

the system is kinda wack, but i like to mess with alot of the animations to reinvent the engine… changing tech rolls to different ways of getting up, chaing blocking animations to dodge animations, branch different animations on a single move, so if it whiffs it follows through, but if its blocked the animation will stumble you. theres some worth while stuff to mess around with, but the system itself kinda dumbs down what you really can do.

couldn’t tell you how many times i accidentally made a character with an infinite… not that it matters so much, but it kinda makes you think about infinites and how they get overlooked when developing a fighting game.

Fighter Maker sucks…

Ah yes, fighter maker 2. I remember I made a guy with a command throw that only works on female characters and does lik 80%. He’d slap her to her knees, hump her face, and then kick the shit out of her. I quit because that move alone took me weeks to program.

Fucking crotch chops.

OH GOD i lol’ed

I want to get into it one day…
but seems like the game itself would be WAY easier and less tedius on a PC.

…Holy shit, this thread was certainly worth making.
So Fighter Maker sucks? Ah well. It looked good on paper, I suppose, but concept =/= excecution. Thanks for the heads-up, dudes. I’ll probably keep it, just to say that I have it.

omg i effin rofl’d at that perverted video


Ah, Fighter Maker.

That thing was actually really depth (well, part 2 was, never touched part 1).
It’s too bad it didn’t have too many stages or costumes for characters.

It doesn’t suck. It just takes a long time to do anything good.

I officially dub this game “Fisting MADNESS!”

bwahahahahaha !!!


damn, that vid was messed. anyway, if you are seriously gonna mess with FM, i’d suggest the PC version. think it’s called FM2nd or something. I’ve had it for some time and plan on eventually placing some of my 3d models rendered out as bitmaps into the engine just to mess with it. There’s some sites with some interesting shit you can do in the engine posted up. GGXX style airdashes, bursts etc… also believe i’ve seen a 3s type parry implemented.

i wanna get it just to make stupid moves

is it easy to make perverted moves?

LOL looks like God Hand!