Is there a GameStop Employee in the house?


I have a Silver Satin Japanese PS3 that I wanted to trade into game stop towards a PS4. They told me that they can’t take it because they can’t register the serial number on it. Is this true? If not, is there a way that I can combat that answer with something that’s in game stops black and white to get them to accept it?


GameStop employee in the house?


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Not a gamestop employee but I ran into a similar situation when I tried to sell a Japanese white psp to them when I was younger. My advice is just sell it anywhere else.


If you’re in NA I doubt they’ll take a foreign console.


Even though the voltage of a JPN consoles is compatible with NA electricity standards, it’s still against Gamestop’s policy to sell imported consoles. They can’t even sell imported handhelds either.



No you cannot trade in anything from a different region. Simple as that.


I remember when I tried to sell my imported PS2 games to Gamestop once. They didn’t take them even though I saw that store sell a few used imports before.


Maybe try a gaming store that isn’t a big name retailer? I remember there was a hole in the wall store in Denver that sold all kinds of imported stuff, but they gave you next to nothing on trade ins. So maybe not…


No major retail place will take imported stuff.

Small mom and pops probably will, but ebay will be the best bet.


I could understand why they wouldn’t take imported stuffs in the old days but now everything is region free and compatible with everything else so there shouldn’t be a problem. Oh well I guess I have to find a smaller retailer to go with or maybe someone on SRK might me interested.


Ebay will probably net you the most money.


is it wrong that I actually want to play this?


If your system is from a dif region then no it can not be traded in. If you system does not have a serial number on it then no it can not be traded in…unless it is a nintendo handheld for some reason. The computers will not let you finish a trade transaction without a serial number unless it is a nintendo handheld.


Somebody got so desperate back in mid '98 that they sold an import Saturn copy of kof '97 to a pawn shop…where I snagged it for 9 bucks cus the store manager thought it was an import music cd. Good times, the 90’s…anywho, don’t take that bitch to a pawn shop.


Pretty much this. back in the day we used to be able make a fake serial pretty much the sku and system name. Granted that was a big YMWV really big on the store and associate and plus that was a maybe when i worked there. Just sell the sucker on Ebay or CL. Maybe someone on SRK will buy it.


if gamestop was interested in foreign consoles and carried them, then why would you have needed to import the PS3 in the first place?