Is there a guide for all the costume/outfit DLC?

I did a search on this forum and even in gooogle but I couldn’t find anything to help me out. I looked through all the DLC and I know the smaller outfit packs list the characters with outfits in the pack but there’s the big DLC with many characters labeled like

“Super Complete Alternate Costume Pack”


“Ultra Complete Alternate Costume Pack”

I want to see which costumes come with each before I buy.

Just to make sure too, I have the AE disc but these still will work right?

They all work on AE. Every last one. If you have the pc version buy the all in 1 costume kit. On 360/ps3, just buy the super/ultra and go to the market place and buy the costume pack for the original, it also works. All costumes are technically on disc. Sorry I don’t know what psn calls their market.

After this, go to the game and if its like 360 it has a thing to go to the market? Need a confirmation on that. If it does it has options for ssfiv and ssfivae dlc. Go to the AE one for costumes specifically for new characters from ae.

Also, yuns alt 2 sucks, just saiyan.

I think I’ll be getting the Super pack. I found this from Iplaywinner

wtf??? I just got an xbox and been playin ssfiv on pc till now. As far as I can tell you would have to shell out about 4k MS points to get all alt costumes available (Ultra Pack, Super Pack, Vanilla Pack, AE Pack) which equals 65$… On PC i paid like 20 bucks for all costumes. Is this shit for real??? Im pretty mad right now, lol