Is there a guide to mod a stick from USB to PSX?

I have 2 sticks a DOA4 and a HFS3. the Doa4 works with drivers on pc but the hfs3 does not. is there a guide to mod from usb to ps2?

you’d have to rip out the PCB inside the doa4 sticks and stick in a PSX pcb. To the best of my knowledge, there currently exists no x360 (usb) -> PSX converter. You can still have them work for PC via converters. Wouldn’t work for 360 anymore though.

and wtf is an hfs3 stick? Plus, read through your own post and tell me how coherent it is please.

hfs3 = hori fighting stick 3

And is there a general guide for the PSX mod?

Is that the stick you are talking about wanting to use on the PC?

If so I’ve been told it works fine on a PC (my friend swears by it).

Are you using Windows XP?

that’s the one. i’m on xp sp2, it gets recognized but the button presses aren’t detected, even when ‘home’ button is pushed. other people have had this problem too.

I wouldn’t mod that thing. if you have a DOA stick, you should just use that. Unless you want to have a 2-player solution or something, but I’d just get another PS2 stick and use that with a converter, since I don’t think it would be really easy to mod a stick like that to be PS3 compatable again without using adapters.

I have a couple of HFS3s, and they seem kinda shallow to be putting other parts inside. that isn’t to say it can’t be done.

It does seem shallow. lol.

what does this thread have anything to do with a USB to PSX adaptor then >__>

nothing :sweat:

The 2 sticks I mentioned are usb sticks. I wanted to mod them to be psx sticks.

Hey, I’ll check out those drivers tonight to see what I can come up with.