Is there a Japanese stick that FEELS like an American Happ?

Is there a Japanese stick that feels as close as possible to an American Happ? (stiff)

Cus I’d like to know.

There are some stiff ones, but generally the reason people like Japanese better is because they don’t want to have to lift weights in order to have good execution. Not sure if they’re quite as stiff as Happ though.
The Carver is a car that feels like a motor cycle.
Or it is a motor cycle that wants to be a car.
Or it is a car that is actually a motor cycle.

It is not that weird at all with spring modifications like TheRealNeoGeo does (
People do things like that.
While I want something lighter than a Seimitsu LS-33.
And I do use a bat top on my Japanese joy sticks.

Maybe jeenyus1 wants to feel the weight but move differently.
Like a Moto GP motor cycle but with the feeling of a road legal motor cycle.

although i hate to say it, hes got a legitimate question. if youre modding a stick like a hrap/t5/ex2 you dont have the option of putting a happ in there without lots of drilling.
also some (a lot?) of the premade cases are meant for a japanese stick so again it requires a lot of work to get a happ in.

then again if hes getting a stick custom built then its a dumb question and he should just get a happ

edit whoops wrong thread!! :looney:

I saw your other thread. Just get used to the light spring. Serious.

lol yeah he had the stick for like…a day? and then was like “this sucks”.

lol, I just COULD NOT use it…

It’s currently in transit to a gentleman who could put it to good use.

do dat sanwa mod TheRealNeoGeo made

yeah and you’re totally different from the tons of other people that just COULD NOT use sticks when they first started.

Getting used to a stick is a matter of days to weeks, not hours. (Regardless of style). If you’re thinking you’ll pick up a happ and start beasting, think again.

anyways to add some actual useful discussion to this thread

ive been meaning to mod my hori EX2 stick for a while. originally i was going to just stuff a jlf in there like everyone else does, but i was thinking this might be a good time to go American style with the bat top, stiff stick, and circle gate, so id have an “american” stick and a japanese stick.

everyone knows its impossible to get a real Happ into EX2s, so im thinking a bat top JLW, a circle gate, and an extra spring should do the trick. Does anyone know if the JLW has the same shaft clearance issue as the JLF? looking at the pictures on lizardlick, it looks like it would, but i just want to make sure. also, what’s the easiest way to solve the shaft height problem with Sanwa sticks in EX2/DOA bases? i have some ideas but im sure there are better ways than what im thinking of. someone mentioned they were able to solve the shaft problem in the EX2/DOA stick mod thread without exchanging the shaft or making any funny holes but i cant recall what he did exactly. im pretty sure theres an easy way since (i think) the EX2 gets modded with sanwa sticks a lot

ill probably repost this in a different thread since it doesnt really belong here

Maybe you want the JLW-UM-8? I found a pic off the JLF and JLW-TM-8 if that helps:

thanks for the pic! it looks like both the JLF and JLW require the same internal clearance space. yeah ill probably get the JLW-UM-8 (bat top). do you happen to know if after switching the hori/sanwa shafts the joystick is still…well, sanwa quality? i cant really get a straight answer on this one, some people say theres a problem with the actuator hitting the directions and some people say there isnt.

Keep in mind that no matter how stiff a Japanese stick is, there is always the square gate. As mentioned, the only thing comparable is the JLW (circular gate, hard stiffness?). I have never used one, so I don’t know how it measures up. I was just pointing out the square gate issue. The octagonal gates might be better, but they still require adjustment.