Is there a light up Ball Top Tutorial somewhere?

Searched through the threads but find mainly basics. Assuming you need:

  1. A hollowed out shaft
  2. A suitable ball top
  3. LED board (FGwidget)

I dont see kits or anything on LL or FA.

Perhaps there is not.

you have to hollow out the ball top your self and you use a normal 3mm led you dont have to have a widget board just a resistor between the led and the 5v-3v power

this belongs in the noob section it has been asked many…many times before

Paradise Arcadesells hallow shafts, electronic swivels and even pre-drilled ball tops.
Ball tops made by Sugar_Kane or Butteroj works too.
There is no wiget needed for a ball top, just nab a 3mm led and a resistor

I have ordered a hollow shaft from FA. Ordered a ball top, I will drill myself. Can I get the 3mm led at radioshack? I didnt see anything in the noob thread about this. I mentioned the FGW because that is what I will be using for the buttons.

I drilled the 5mm from radio shack but most recommend 3mm so either way its up to you

you should trim the outer rim down on the 5mm

ok, I see that 5mm radioshack one. They have 3mm in red. Hate to pay $10 in shipping for $2 led.

You know, someone might as well make a proper tutorial thread for this.

Yeah I always thought it strange not having a tutorial of any kind for led ball tops. I know I looked when I needed it, but I just asked James :wink:
What would be really 6-buttons is if someone could show how to have the led light up on directional activation.

I prefer or to Radio Shack for LEDs. Radio Shack LEDs are dim and over priced.
I understood Fry’s Electronics are a good place to try if there is one in your area.

FGWidget can do this :slight_smile:

Pretty sure the FGW does 8 play buttons and a stick.

it does… its a little more time but its doable… you can go simple as well with the fgwidget and do what the others are posting by attaching a line to the VCC and GND on the FGwidget to the ball top… dont forget the resistor…
I’ll do a vid tutorial since I have an upcomeing mod that wants a LED balltop… it will be a little more than you have to do tho since the customer wants a total of 10 buttons with the LED balltop lit… but the general HOW TO will be included…
just FYI 5mm is okay for this mod but the 3mm is more suited since you can run into issues with the 5mm getting caught and the wire twisting up without that cool little device paradise arcade sells for the movement… 3mm is better since there is more play and the LED has less chances of getting caught up and twisted… use 26AWG or higher for the lines! 24awg and lower will be too big and you will have issues… fair warning…

I will likely wait on that tutorial.


i do have the hollow shaft and stuff ready

Guys, there are 3 different white LEDs here:,3mm,18,166:#displayheadertop_anchor

What is the difference? Kuya_Joe, are you doing that 10 button mod with an FGW? Really looking forward to that video.

diffrent shades do a google search to see which one you like,r:7,s:0

goes from yellowish to bluish

I wound up getting a 5mm one from radioshack. How are those tutorials coming dudes?

make sure to cut the little edge off at the bottom with an exacto