Is there a list of winners throughout the years and their respective categories?


Such as

Evo 2006:

Game : Winner
Game : Winner


Reason I ask is because the site only goes back to 2008.


can’t give you all of em, but i retrieved ones for 3s.

i’d suggest asking here:



2k2: Justin Wong
2k3: Justin Wong
2k4: Justin Wong
2k5: Duc
2k6: Justin Wong
2k7: Yipes
2k8 Justin Wong
2k9: Sanford Kelly

Yes there are only 4 different Marvel players, total dominance by JWong in that game

I know for 2k4 and 2k6 Kindevu won those.   For 2k7 John Choi won.


2k2:  Jason Cole
2k3:  I think it was Ohnuki, not sure
2k4   Daigo
2k5:  Gian
2k6:  I remember it being Jason Nelson, not sure.  It was AE anyway
2k7:  unsure
2k8:  John "fucking" Choi
2k9 HD:   AfroLegends

Anyway, most games are dominated by the same top 8.  2k4 and 2k6 Evo for CVS2 had almost the same top 8.




Daigo won ST in 2k3



i made an entire thread on this a few ago. here you go


Yeah, on page 2 of that thread I went through my past years’ DVDs/tapes and posted as much as I could. Anyone wanna update the wiki?


Cool, thanks for the links!


The wiki seems fine mostly. I doubt Mester even went in 2k2 though, much less placed 9th in ST.


you would be wrong then.


Really? I’m surprised he came, since Evo didn’t even have 3s…oh wait, forgot about the exhibition :sweat:

Anyway, to add something a little more constructive to this thread, I noticed that the wiki currently has none of the top 8 for 2003. Here’s what I found on the internet:


1st: Daigo Umehara “the beast” (N. Ryu)
2nd: Ohnuki Shinya “Nuki” (N. Chun Li)
3rd: John Choi “choiboy” (O.Sagat)
4th: Mike Watson (balrog)
5th: Jason Cole “afrocole” (N. Dhalsim)


1st: Eiji Komatsu “Chibita” (Lion)
2nd: Masafumi Yoshioka “Ohsu-Akira” (Akira)
3rd: Ryan Hart (Kage)
4th: Akinori Sato “Neo Tower” (Jacky)
5th: Ohnuki Shinya “Nuki” (Aoi)
5th: Yoshihisa Ishikawa “Kofu Megane” (Aoi)
7th: Shin Dong Il “Maddog-Jin” (Jacky/Lei-fei)
7th: Mike Abdow “Myke” (Kage)

Soul Calibur 2--------------

1st: Dan The Nightmare (Nightmare, Yoshimitsu)
2nd: Will Johnson “Semi” (Astaroth)
3rd: Ari Weintrab “Floe” (Taki))
4th: Aris Bakhtanians (Voldo)
5th: Andrew Shin “X_SC2”(Ivy)
5th: Marquette Yarbrough “Mick” (Cassandra)
7th. Devil X (Mitsurugi, Yoshimitsu)


1st: Kim Bong Min (Jin/Devil)
2nd: Ryan Hart (Jin/Heihachi)
3rd: Kenbou Kawakami (Lei/King)
4th: JOP (Ogres)


1st: Josh Molianro “Jinkid” (Jin)
2nd: Anthony Tran “Jackie Tran” (Jin)
3rd: Wiley Adams III “TreyPhoenix” (Jin)
4th: Chetan Chetty (ChetChetty) (Paul)


1st: Kenji Obata “KO” (Yun3)
2nd: Daigo Umehara “the beast” (Ken3)
3rd: Keisuke Imai “KSK” (Alex2)
4th: Tetsuya Inoue “Ino” (Yun3/ Makoto2)
5th: Hsien Chang (Ken3)
5th: Ricky Ortiz (Chun2)
7th: Shinya Ohnuki “Nuki” (chun2)
7th: Mark Rogoyski “Mopreme” (Chun2/Ken3)


1st: Tetsuya Inoue “Ino^” (K- Blanka/Cammy/Sagat)
2nd: Daigo Umehara “the beast” (C-Guile/Cammy/Sagat)
3rd: KenRyo Hayashi “Mago” (C-Honda/Chun/Blanka)
4th: Ryo Yoshida “D44_BAS” (A-Blanka/Sakura/Bison)
5th: Justin Wong (C-Vega/Sagat/Blanka)
5th: Amir Amirsaleh (A-Sagat/Sakura/Bison)
7th: Jason Cole (K-Vega/Sagat/Cammy)
7th: Arturo Sanchez (C-Eagle/Sakura/Blanka)

GGXX --------------
1st: Daigo “the BEAST” (sol)
2nd: Soh Miura “Miu” (sol)
3rd: Saif Ebrahim “ID” (sol)
4th: KenRyo Hayashi “Mago” (johnny)
5th: Aznhitler (johnny)
5th: Alex T (sol)
7th: Drew Loken “Kono” (Eddie)
7th: Eric Choi “Zim” (Baiken)

MVC2 ----------------
1st: Justin Wong (Mag/Cable/Sent)
2nd: Ricky Ortiz (Storm/Sent/Cap, MSP)
3rd: Rowtron (Sent/Cable/Mag, Mag/Storm/Sent)
4th: Kuan (Mag/Cable/Sent)
5th: Randy Lew “NanoBoi” (Cable/sent/capcom)
5th: Josh Wigfall (Mag/Cable/Sent)
7th: SooYoung Chon “SooMighty” (Mag/Storm/Sent, MSP)
7th: Long Tran “ShadyK” (Mag/Storm/Cyc)

If anyone has the 2k3 DVDs and can look through them to find 5th-7th placers in ST/T4/TTT and the last 7th place in SC2, I would definitely appreciate it. =)


Daigo got first in two games AND second in two games in 2k3? That’s gotta be the strongest performance in Evo history.


Well, I at least have the other 5th place finishers here:


Part 1 (b4-evo 2004)

I’ll fill out what I researched (from B4 to Evolution 2008) and if anyone’s gonna ask, I’ve had these texts for years. Part 1 here:


Part 2 (Evo 2005-2008)

Part 2 of this long info: