Is there a market for custom joysticks?

Hey All,
I’m interesting in learning to assemble my own custom joystick and possibly turn it into a craft. It seems that there is still a pretty small amount of custom builders out there, especially recently. Is there still a market for custom joysticks out there? I’m especially interested in crafting some heavy-duty American coin-op style joysticks.

As other people can tell you; It’s an expensive hobby that you’ll be lucky to break even in.

Okay, I sounded a little harsh but unless you have a good niche I.E. JDM’s godlike cable/wire management and soldering or Art’s streamlined Plexi work it will definitely put you in the red. But it’s a fun hobby.

Also, you MIGHT be able to sell some sticks if you can undersell arcade-in-a-box, especially with MK9/MvC3 coming out.

Not really. Especially harder to sell American style sticks since they fell out of favor. Many people that went from American to Japanese got used to it and many don’t go back, such as myself. I’ve used an American Stick since 2000, but got used to and started to like the japanese style stick in the past 2 years.

It’s not really lucrative if you ask me, but it sure helps pass the time. I have no real job at the moment and I’m on Winter break waiting for Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Aside from still playing in TvC tournaments to make some extra cash, I usually make $20-$30 profit/stick for labor charges on the sticks I’ve been working on. I’ve been getting at least two sticks done each week since break started ;p.

Just offer your services to players you know and you might be able to take off from there with quality workmanship and word of mouth.

Most joystick makers do it for the love of building the sticks. Tools are just so expensive. Maybe if you already own them, or buy them not exclusively for joystick making. If you wanted to make money, it’d be better to look at modding existing sticks. But you need to be skilled in many areas. Dual mods, LEDs, Multi console Mods, RJ-45, etc, you need to have mastered. And that can still be expensive and not make you money, considering the amount of tools and practice you need before you trust yourself enough to do it to somebody else’s.

I also suggest to people, if they can to branch out to other areas to get more customer/ larger market. I am looking into older console repair/ restoration. Be flexible with what you do and can do. I believe one of the older members of team Foe Hammer is a master carpenter of 20+ years who is well experienced with furniture and kitchen cabinet making. Game/system Modder Ben heck did not get alot of recognition till he started to do controller mods for the disabled and some of the PS3 and Xbox 360 laptop mods he did for military service members. Only after 10 years he getting his credit, and the money to have the workshop we wants/needs.

I am not trying to discourage, I trying to say be flexible and do something to get noticed.

It’s a lot of work to go from concept to product and if you go into it with just them $$ on your mind it might take away from the experience. I would suggest just to make one for yourself first and have some fun with it then see where you want to take it from there.

i havent started yet but i will be trying to make a battop like purplearms. transparent battop. but i have yet to make my mold yet

I wouldn’t say so, but there are still some who prefer the American style.

“Is there a market for custom joysticks?”, clearly.

yes, if you can make an HQ one that is compatible with all current consoles. The one thing I hate about the fighting community is that it is split based on console preference. Some like 360, some like PS3. Make one dual compatible and you should have business.