Is there a method of doing a Gigas in less than a 360?

I found a way, I don’t know if this is really old though, I know I’ve never heard of a way, but I don’t want to say I’ve made a big discovery and look like a fool:lol:

What? You mean like a 270 or a 180?

Yeah that’s what I meant but it turns out, of course, I was spazzing and for some reason it FELT like it was that little but I was really going 405 degrees, :bluu:

Standing 720 or Walking

I hear you guys are trying to figure out how to do a 720 ,by walking or just standing. Well my method of pulling it off is to rotate the stick in the center twice and do it pretty fast and smooth. Just think ahead when you feel like your about to do it, even if you do a 360 it just means you were’nt fast enough. The majority of the time i pull it off is at least 85% of the time. I’ve got so many people with gigas it’s not even funny, i’ve gotten alot of good players when i go to familyfun, heck i can even pull it off on pad sometimes though with the same technique that i use and the percentage on that is 20% give or take. Just try it and see how it turns out.:smiley:

Standing 720 or Walking

The man speaks :eek:

Hugo Players Unite

Hey 720 it’s been a while since i’ve seen you. Hopefully i can go to family this weekend or any weekend for that matter, but i kind of doubt it just because i usually get off from work really late and if i do go pretty much nobody’s there for some 3rd strike. So anyways, i hope to see you soon at least before EVO, so we can get some HUGO action going on.:smiley:

The way I figured out to do standing 720 is small 360 rotation within the center of the stick then a regular 360 or 280. But its has to be done really fast. I spoke with C-Royd and he said the way i do it was slow. Meaning its good. My body wouldnt twitch or give signs of it coming out. I used adolfo luevano’s method but changed it customize my speed. Adolfo is fast, he can pull it standing or walking. Where as i can only do it walking forward or back to help compensate my lack of speed. Most of the standing 720 setups i learned from ysb and hayao involving landing the 720 walking forward or back so its not that bad. 2 key points i learned to help do it is: A) be dedicated to what method you want it takes lots of practice. B) regardless of what method one would choose spinning the the stick fast really really really important.

Big ups to adolfo for sharing his wisdom.

when 720 did it to me last week, i noticed that he does the gigas perfectly and does it in a motion slower than anyone i’ve seen do it. When I do standing 720, i’ve got about a 0.5% success rate and my body looks like it’s having a sit-down seizure. I never saw 720 miss the standing gigas once throughout the whole week.

you can also cheat and charge partition the 720, like do standing short while inputting the first 360 without having you jump and then walk forward a bit (just a bit) and then do 360+punch, and wham Gigas!!! yay