Is there a mod to add a PS (home) button to joysticks/controllers for use on PS3?

Hi folks,

Is there a mod or a way to add PS (home) button functionality that is found on SIXAXIS/DUALSHOCK 3 controllers to older joysticks or controllers for use on PS3? I know the pelican adapter has a PS button, and I would like to add that type of button/functionality to my ASCII stick and just use generic adapters to connect to the PS3. I can’t seem to find any mod info for something like this!

Please include links and mod info.

Thanks so much for your help! :pleased:


The REAL adapter from my carryingcase makes Up+Select your home button, if that can help you out.

Thanks, but I was hoping to add a button to the joystick itself so I can bypass using fancy adapters. I would like to use generic adpaters if possible, and add functionality to a button ON the stick. Is there a mod or info out there to do this? I don’t want to break apart a SIXAXIS to do this either, I want to just solder another button on the controller if possible.

Just curious- Does this method of UP/SELECT work for other adapters as well?

I don’t think what you’re doing is really possible without just soldering up a PS3 controller or using a converter. I don’t know what you mean by “generic” adapter either. If you’re considering using just any old Ps2->USB adapter, you really should read the controller adapter/converter thread…

Yes, I was hoping to use any old PS2>USB adapter and putting the PS button functionality on a stick. I’m surprised there isn’t some kind of way to do this without destroying a PS3 controller for parts?

Or maybe there is a way to put a PS button on an adapter like the Pelican one has?

The short answer is, that doesn’t work.

You have TWO valid options for doing this…

  1. Get a Pelican converter… gut your stick and put an Analog (PS1), DualShock1 (PS1), DualShock2 (PS2), Sixaxis (PS3) or DualShock3 (PS3) controller into your stick. With the PS1/2 controllers, the “analog” button on the center of the controller will act as your home button. With the PS3 controllers, the home button will act as the home button…

  2. Get a REAL converter… make a button that hits UP and SELECT at the same time… done.

Jaxel beat me to it.

The PS3 PCB is substantially more complex than the PS1 and PS2 PCBs, and does not use the same structure or compatibility.

The Dual Shock 1 or Dual Shock 2 analog button will turn into the PS button when using a Pelican PS1/PS2 to PS3 converter.

And listen to Jaxel too on the REAL converter.

Hate to sound dumb, but what is a REAL converter?

Wow… I never knew that. How was this discovered? lol.

But yeah… Just got this converter and it roooockkkkksss!!!

Will the REAL adapter work fine with PS2 games on the PS3?

I couldn’t find this answer on the controller converter/adapter thread, it was unconfirmed.

yes, i dont have one but i hear it works just as well as the pelican converter.

It does. I have 2 and they work marvelously.

is there a particular psx controller pcb that would work the best with this converter, and other converters in general. whats the best universal psx pcb. I am having a stick built, and I want to use a psx pcb as the base, and then convert using the REAL converter for the PS3.

Sorry, not trying to hijack this thread.