Is there a new average penis size standard?


The other day, I overheard a girl at work say 6 inches is too small, and that anything below that is unfuckable.

6 inches used to be the standard size, but what is the new one now? Is it 7 inches, 8 inches, 1ft?

This is a problem for me, as a half-Saskatchewanie half-Madagascarian, my penis is only about 6.8 inches.


vaginas are expanding rapidly

has to do with global warming

nothing less than 8 inches by 2030


So this bitch is the new authority on dicks? LOL tell her she’s a slut! :rofl:


basing a man on size?

sounds like whore-talk to me. you should reply that a girl with tits less than D’s are unfuckable :coffee:


new standard for 21 and under = 8 inches.

The internet got young chicks minds warped…

Not only that making love is out the window, just beat it up and slap her around for maximum pleasure on there part.


So, you overheard one woman talking about her own personal preference, and now you’re asking if this applies to all women, everywhere?


Internet got young chicks minds warped, sure, but internet also got every kid and his brother posting their dicks on 4chan looking for feedback.

Kids learnt how to kegel, go fuck chicks, who in turn get used to bigger dick size. Pity those chicks still don’t know a damn thing about having good sex though.


Forgot your morning paper and coffee chum.


I took a sip


Sounds to me like this is one naive whore who had some guys brag that their dicks were like 9 inches and just believed that’s how it is.


There was a time when I believed 6 in was small until I googled (what relief). True story.

Anyway, I heard 80% of American population lie between 5.5 and 6.5 in?

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What a source of authority.


If she tells you that you’re too small
Tell her she’s too loose and baggy


It used to be you could be that little girl with the tiny phimosis cock, and everybody would like you because you were small and cute and could spew gallons of semen everywhere, sure, you were always the bottom, but you were appreciated. Then Bible Black and all that shit comes out, and all of a sudden, if you don’t have a 9 inch black magic cock, you aren’t good enough, you are somehow less human. Its completely unrealistic, and unhealthy to expect everyone to go tread the darkness of the night of Walpurgis in hopes of joining some infernal coven. I mean, its getting worse too, its not just highschoolers anymore. Now I see all sorts of middle schoolers having satanic orgies in the bathroom just to put a couple inches on their cocks. Whatever happened to the good old days of a happy blowjob and the subsequent quickie in the bathroom stall from a concerned friend?
Its a damn game to these kids, “oh, I fucked 4 girls yesterday” “well I blackmailed and fucked 3 teachers” "I got 6 people to join my dark sisterhood"
It’s sad, really.


the new average penis size is a big wallet


Naw the biggest is still black as in you better have a black card. Like stated it is about how much bucks you have.


fixed :coffee:


The new measurement is



I used to think my dick was too small at 4.5", and was super ashamed…
Then I lost 72lbs, and it’s (just) over 6".

If you’re a fatty, you could be deceiving yourself… Seriously… I went from a size 38" pants (I’m 5’8" mind you, so that’s fucking huge) to a 28" since January… And the things you learn… /shameless plug

But truth - if some bitch says you’re too small, she ain’t worth it. She’s got petty shit on her mind and is probably a materialistic whore that needs the stairs treatment.


Let’s just ask SNAAAAKE’S mom, and be done with this thread.


Lol I didn’t think about some ppl getting affected by their own FUPA

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