Is there a Permanent fix for "dead" Xbox 360 rechargeable batteries?

Is there a permanent way to fix these “dead” batteries. I use the quotation marks because alot of the time, they simply aren’t dead. I put them on the charger and the light flashes red then turns green after just a few seconds. I have even resorted to trying the “paper clip fix” as demonstrated in this video.

But even that solution is temporary at best. Is there a permanent fix for these sorry excuses for rechargeable batteries? I even heard that one of the reasons these batteries start “dying” is because of disuse…so it’s basically a lose-lose situation. Play it too much? too bad. Want to conserve it, too bad. Sheesh Microsoft, you sure know how to make durable, long lasting products

Clean the contracts, that the only “Fix” there is.

Batteries are not repairable items, there only so much you can do for a battery. Clean the terminal if you got a lead acid battery you can add water but thats it.
Batteries more than any other component is labeled as a field replaceable item. There is not fix, there only replace.

Put it in the freezer for like 6hrs. I do this with my dad’s crappy cell phone batteries, and it pulls back a charge for a while. Let the battery thaw for like an hour or two before you recharge it. Tell me how it works out for you.

Replace 'em.

Theoretically you could whip together a charger from parts that would ignore the safety circuit in lieu of its own, but that’s a pretty advanced project. And if you screw up, well…

Best just to recycle and replace.

Please keep in mind, Lithium is a highly combustible metal, like sodium it will react with water (explode or even catch fire under water).
You should never expose a lithium power cell to extreme temperatures. Your freezer isn’t just exposing your highly volatile battery to extreme cold, but it also exposing the battery to water condensation.
Water is a compound that lithium have a dangerous reaction too. Heat and Cold can also destabilize the battery, @Skrawney your trick might work, but you taking a huge chance with your little trick.
If and when a Lithium battery does get freezing cold, you have to allow it to slowly warm up in room temperature 20 °C (68 °F or 293 K) to 25 °C (77 °F or 298 K), do not use a hand dryer or heat gun to warm up a frozen lithium power cell.
I remember in the Marine Corps how the Lithium power cells to our field radios would explode when one power pack fell into a pond, you swore we threw a quarter stick of dynamite in the pond instead.

Haha yeah, you are right Dark. I try not to use words like fool proof, guarantee, or safe. I went to an alternative high school with some “colorful” characters. One of which lived on a big piece of land with a lake. One of these people used to tell stories of throwing blocks of lithium into the lake with his dad and watching it jump around on it. I agree it is not a “safe” thing to do, but it can be done.

They’re your standard Xbox 360 rechargeable battery packs [can they still explode like that?]. I don’t use double A batteries. I guess however that I have no choice but to replace them

I just purchased 2 brand new official play and charge kits for the 2 official wireless controllers I use for PC. Both arrived with the batteries completely dead and will not charge at all no matter what method I tried. I gave up and purchased a pack of AA batteries instead. It was a complete waste of my time and money.

Should have RMAed them.

RMA’d with the same results. Maybe a bad batch? I’m awaiting Newegg’s approval for a refund, but these are under the replacement only policy.

I don’t understand why anyone buys the 360 proprietary rechargeable battery crap.

Just buy a pack of Eneloops or something. They last a dang long time, work in other devices too, aren’t prone to stupid issues like this, and extra batteries cost less than the goofy Microsoft ones. (a 4 pack with no charger costs like $12, vs a two pack of MS proprietaries running you like $20. That’s $6 per controller vs $10.)

Exactly what I ordered! I went for the 8-pack for $20 though:
I also ordered the charger for $15 too:
$35 shipped total, which is the same price I paid for the 2 microsoft play & charge kits. Lesson learned… :frowning: