Is there a problem with my wiring in my SE?

Today, I played SSF4 and some of my buttons on my modded SE (with all Sanwa buttons) weren’t working. They are Y,RT,LT and the back buttons. All the buttons work because I tested them all and at the moment I have the LB replacing the Y and I plan on playing with 6 buttons only!
What do I need to do to repair these?

Also, on the side note, how do I take this damn E-Clip off of my LS-40-01? I need to put an LS-33 spring in it…

To remove an e-clip, take a small flathead screwdriver and wedge it in either of the two spaces that are between the clip and the shaft. Turn the screwdriver back and forth to pry the clip loose, use your free hand to try to stop the clip (they have a tendency to fly off)

As for the buttons, simplest fix would be to buy new microswitches and replace the broken ones. akihabarashop sells individual microswitches, but you might as well just buy entire buttons at lizardlick and take the microswitches out of those, as the price will likely be the same after shipping and you’ll get your parts sooner from LL.

You could also try dismantling the buttons, washing the individual parts, and then reassembling them once they’re dry. Or dismantle the microswitches and compare them to a working one to try to diagnose what’s wrong yourself…

The buttons work perfect so I think there might be a problem with the QD’s and wires

Have a multimeter? Just test the buttons at the terminal strip, and you can rule out wire or QD problems.

Just a hunch, but it also sounds like maybe the wire harnesses on your PCBs could be loose. Make sure they’re all pushed in nice and snug.

If you don’t have a multimeter, you can touch the two metal quick disconnects together. It should activate the button. If it doesn’t, then you surely know that it is not a button problem.

Thank you guys for helping me fix my Y wires!

However… now that I got my buttons to work, my joystick doesn’t. Its an LS-40-01 thats pretty secured with hot glue and just randomly stopped working today