Is there a program that can play .flv videos at slow speed?


Theres a video on youtube thats in flv format. I want to play it at slow speed to figure out what he’s playing on the piano.

I could convert to avi first, but it degrades the quality.

Is there a program out there that plays flv at a slow rate or frame by frame?


You can use VLC Media Player to play .flv files in slow motion.


i can open the flv with it, but how do i play it in slow mo? i can only find the buttons for play, pause, stop, next video, previous video


I just use the + - keys on the Numpad. I can never skip/forward/rewind .flv files using VLC though.


thanks guys. because of u all i got what i needed out of the song

what about .MOV files (quicktime file) is there anything that will let me watch frame by frame or slow motion the vids?


I know you can easily slow down MOVs with Quicktime pro. You gotta pay ( *cough cough bittorrent cough) for it though.


ha ha aw man now i gotta pay for that shit?

i found with regular quicktime, they dont make it easy but you can play it at 50% speed. Is there anything that lets you play quicktime slower than that or frame by frame?


How about mp4 vids?


play it on a psp? has a good slow mo feature and even a frame advance button.

lol but you gotta have a psp i guess


GOM player has playback speed controls.