Is there a quick match mode for SF4?

I keep hearing the other forum talk about quick match for SF4, but I can’t find it. I think a quick match button would be great. I hate spamming the same button trying to connect to each player and then failing with “cannot connect to player” or “room already full” etc…

sfiv online sux, i think they are going to patch this or something so it’s more like hdr. Basicly it’s so you don’t get stuck playing someone cross seas because like it’s not so bad in HDR with the rollbacks, but in SFIV it sucks balls. My balls.

I play in the arcade section with the network option open, where you can choose good connection, better player, etc. I get challenged by other players very quickly and I never finish a match against the computer.

but does anyone know if there is a quick match mode? everyone is talking about it but I can’t seem to find it. I hope it’s a one button press solution

Ok after looking at the network section of the game, there are quick match modes in both ranked and player matches. BUT its not like HDRemix where you automatically get an opponent, you still have to choose one of three and it seems at least to me that these guys you get never have any bars. In other words really laggy connections.

Your best bet is like what I said in previous post. Turn your network settings on to whatever preference you like (in the R1 screen) go to arcade mode and you will get many new opponents and all you have to do is press ok and choose your character.

I’ve played against several people that didn’t have any bars and it ran smooth most of the time. I think seeing no bars may mean the protocol for detecting speed is blocked by a firewall or something.

I’m pretty sure no bars means they don’t have a NAT1 or NAT2 connection. Sometimes it may be equivalent to a 4 bar connection and sometimes it may be equivalent to 1 bar. Half the time I play against no bar ppl though, they end up not having the game installed…

Thats interesting, I wish the bar info would be more consistent. I have played people with 1 and even no bar on the screen in arcade mode just to try, and sometimes it is fine like you guys say, most times though, its lag city. So if I see 1 or none, I usually kick them or myself out of the lobby.

For the most part, the people I meet in the arcade section have 3 or 4 bars, unlike in the quick match modes, where I have to refresh several times before even seeing 2 bars. So thats why I don’t even mess with having to press buttons and/or hope for good connections and I just wait (not long) for challengers in arcade mode.

too much lag on psn…can’t pull off all combos

Its not specific to the PS3, I haven’t experienced much lag at all. Its either a problem with your network connection or you’re not playing against peeps with at least 3 bars.