Is there a reason I can't upload videos on Youtube from the Street Fighter: 3 Online edition?

I try and upload my replays but it gives me an error.

360 or PS3?  if 360 the servers are probably just down when you uploaded.  with PS3 I think even if you have a youtube account you have to go set it up to start accepting uploads.  I accomplished this by just uploading a random video and going through the process.  after that PS3 uploads worked.

Yea I’m on PS3 awesome I’m gonna give it a try thanks!

When I try upload to Youtube it says,¨cannot use this feature” Why is this happening?

Below a certain skill level videos will be filtered out. That’s why you mostly see videos of true high level players like muraltag.

All trolling aside, the function no longer works on either console. Xbox channel for dedicated videos has been defunct for a long while now and the PS3 function hasn’t worked even if you link up your personal YouTube account to the game.

Can you tell me why they are no working? KD Alpha

How do link you account?

ROFL… .l.

Because the game is old and not very popular, so the feature doesn’t work anymore. In all likelihood, it will never work again. That’s all there is to it.

Wasn’t that shit in like 144p tho

The Xbox one was like 179 1/2p and the PS3 was actually 360p.