Is there a region free PS3 version?


Hi, as much as I hate it, I understand their reasoning of not wanting Japanese players to import the much cheaper US version.

So logically, it should be fine for anyone to buy the expensive Japanese version? Of course, companies rarely follow logic.

Anyways, I have a Hong Kong PS3, but I’d like to visit friends’ houses and bring this game. They have Australian PS3s.

Is there a version of this game that can meet my requirements? I heard the JPN version is region locked as well? What about the EU version coming later? Has anyone heard whether that will be region locked too? (Logically, the early sales will already be done and it should be economically safe to make the EU version region free… but of course, companies rarely blah blah blah.)


Every version is region locked for what i know.
BTW, Australia is PAL like europe right?
So the EU version should work on an australian ps3 if that it’s the case.


in worst case you have to buy the ntsc-j version of the game (jp or asia if there is one) and the pal version (dont know if eu pal works) for your friends …
in best case pal version is region free, but we wont know until its out.