Is there a Scam thread? if not, plz send $$$ to the link inside :D


His name Is Julian Dell

I’ve got harvey birdman working on the case as we speak!

Never “buy” natural sunshine-santa natural

so yeah… after I got the first phone call I shat a brick and called my mom( MOMMMMYYY!) and told her…
she knows people are assholes and wards of Phone call scammers by asking for the all-might receipt!

this dude, whoever he/they is/are… Knows my house, family members and called to say that because of payments not being made to the Natural sunshine company, they have an order of repossession and are coming to my house to take my stuff!
they been “billing” and notifying of this since feb 2010…

I thought this was legit… till my brother google’d the number and got similar stories…

DO yall think theres a % of finding this guy?

maybe, maybe not… most good scammers are obsessed with protecting themselves and what they’ve stolen though

Like a dragon that rubs his belly with gold?

or like a pirate that rubs his belly with gold…lol

So you’re letting someone take 40k worth of stuff from you?

I find it hard to believe Nando has 40K worth of stuff

No, it’s a scam. Dude calls people on the phone, tries to sound official and threatens to repo them for 40k, and then says he can make everything go away if they send 5k to some undisclosed location

anyway i’m not sure what the point of this thread is

Only wanted my mom’s info though

but yeah, he said they were gonna come in 2 hours with a lawsuit that extended 1 year
with a court order and law enforcement
I called back and told em to bring the police to make it official

Point of thread? umm… to report shyt like this
I googe’d a lot of the information n didnt come up with shyt
only thing that happened was the phone number was a duplicate

I’m not gonna make daily updates or start and SRK crime watchers, but yeah, just shyt to look out for…
Only other scam thread was for The SRK buyin thread.

cuz you know nothing bout everything playboy
go outside n get you’re (ferny) maccc on or something
why not even play the block n learn to stunt
might learn a little something if you learn to quit hating

I was gonna tell em that most of the stuff was mine anyways, or that like a couch was worth 30k, haha… I unno
My sf collection…


haha… yeah, i prolly dnt, but I Live with my parents

God only knows if i sold drugs Id have 40 racks on me every second.

I looked up scams years ago. people who need money are some of the most crafty mother fuckers you’ll ever meet in your life

we had mobs of people going door to door a while back asking for donations and what not…
they even took food and were caught sellin it to bums, lmao…