Is there a "secret color" in arcade version?

Just wondering, cause I hate using A-Charlie just cause of how ugly his regular colors are. I like his punch V-ism color, but I don’t use V-Charlie. Lol BERY SOLLY for this gay thread, but I MUST know. Fuckin’ A3 and it’s gay ass color selection limitations… :sad:

Having to choose between red or purple A-Guy sucks too. I’d rather use one of these, X-P and V-P respectively.

I wish I had the PS2 version, so I could use colour edit mode.

The ism you select makes a difference as to what colors are available? Hmm, I never noticed…

That’s cause iirc DC/ps2 (a3, not anthology) version chooses the color based on button, regardless of ism. If you play on one of those, then that’s why you prolly never noticed.