Is there a shortcut for doing DP from down back?


I get super half the time I try to do this. I know from forward you can just go df -->down–>df and it is as simple as that. I feel this is limiting me when I play certain characters as I can only combo into it from standing or if I’m holding forward which isn’t ideal. Any tips? Much appreciated.

Dp Shortcut help

Are you sure you’re not overshooting and going to forward instead of downforward?


You are overshooting.

The Shoryuken shortcuts are f, d/f, f and d/f, d, d/f.

If you are on (Japanese-style square gate) stick, just hit the d/f corner twice sliding back and forth along the gate.

If you are on pad, it should just be a small wiggle of the thumb.

If at any point your input history contains this sequence:

d,* d/f, d, d/f,** f* (Shoryuken shortcut in bold for emphasis)

you will probably get a Super.


The absolute key to not getting the super to come out is finishing the dp motion in down forward like other have said and keep it there to make sure you are not going to forward.

Personally i suggest just doing the proper motion from db and go to f, d, df, it’s a smooth motion. This way you can also transfer this skill to other games that do not have this shortcut.


So, he’s has to use a more complicated input just because that’s how it’s “supposed” to be? Sounds like you’re the one with the scrub mentality to me.


IfDoing the motion correctly is a necessity if you want to play any games that don’t have training wheels.


It’s not a necessity in this game, so it’s irrelevant. 3rd strike has “DF, D, DF” too, you want to shit on that as well?


That’s really uncalled for.

Using d/f, d, d/f has the effect of lowering your hurtbox by placing you into the crouch state for the full duration of its execution, meaning that there’s less chance of being hit by jump-in attacks, as compared to the regular input where you are vulnerable while inputting f. If the tool is there, it doesn’t make sense not to use it.



I just tried, and can get proper DPs out just fine, but df, d, df “AEyoukens” seem impossible. Gotta call bs on that one.


This discussion popped up here a few days ago, I don’t remember in which thread. In any case, it was proven with TA that DF, D, DF works in 3S, the difference is that you can’t be holding DF before doing the input, like you can in SFIV.

EDIT: Mentioned in this old thread as well: 3rd Strike Input Shortcuts


Well, I’ll be. Tested it again from downback and yeah, it does work.


How about you change your attitude.

Quit it with comments like this unless you want to be jailed or get banned.


Just a note on the first post, from forward all you need is D, DF, Punch. No need to redo a DF at the start.