Is there a six button PS2 pad, same shape but with 6 buttons

As a normal pad only has 4 buttons on the front, I am wondering is there a 3rd party who has made one that looks like the old style pad but it would have for example R1 & L1 next to the triangle and square buttons.


I don’t think so. The only 6-button PS2 pads i know of are those SF Anniversary ones(which i heard sucked), and those Sega Saturn replica PS2 controllers.

I too once looked into the possiblity of a 3rd party 6-button pad out there, but found nothing.

Yeah that’s pretty much it. The only other thing you have to ask yourself is how much $ you want to spend. You easily get all 4 SF pads for less than the price of a Saturn PS2 pad (assuming you can find one), but if you want the best pad then the Saturn is still a better deal.

well can someone give me a link or the correct name to search for it

I swear I had a saturn pad for the PS2 but the D pad was VERY loose and I couldnt do shit

anyway names please as I got a Ryu 6 button PS2 pad and its complete shit

Ever considered just getting a (Good)Arcade stick? After all it is the way arcade fighters were meant to be played.

sorry dude , broke my left wrist 20 years ago and it doesn’t like joystick.


wow sorry to hear that :sad:

for the record,
I have one of those nubytech 6button sf pads and I love it. Not onyl that but you can find them cheap now. I got mine for 10 bucks on amazon.
Very worth it.

Theres also this ASCII FT2 pad. I have one and its pretty good although the buttons are convex. Its kind of hard to find though.

Yeah I have a red FT2 pad. works pretty well, but I play on stick. You should look for one of those.

will do, thanks

dont worry dude I will still give you comp in Evo, dont know about family fun centre though.

I got to save my wrist for when my girls not about

haha cool :smiley:

Too bad this only has 5 buttons (kinda).

Abhi, i’ve got a neogeo CD pad I’m willin’ to give up.

Nearly everyone here says those pads suck, because the D-pad is total crap.

I didn’t know ASCII made one of those. Is it better than the SF anniversary pads?

Nah coo dude but a Neo CD pad, I got dozens of the real one and they seems kinda cack

I hope so