Is there a specific requirement for a game getting it's own section?


Apologies if this is the wrong section (it made sense to me) or has been asked before (couldn’t find a thread of it).

From what I’ve seen and heard, P4A is getting big, and fast. Aside from forums meant specifically for the game, it would be nice to have a place for this game. I feel as if the character discussions would explode because everyone kind of plays all different characters. There’s a lot to be discussed about the game, and I’ve even seen a few tournaments getting ready to include it.
Yet I keep checking only to find nothing. Do we wait until it’s officially exploded as a great fighter, or what?




You mean like this Persona 4 Arena forum?


Well, I do think it’s actually harder to find the P4A section now compared to back when it was just a constantly bumped thread in the FGD forum:

At first glance I didn’t even see the Persona 4 tab because it was in the jumble of similarly-sized tabs along 3S and TvC. I think the OP is thinking of a section with the same stature as that of the big games.


Yeah… I’m using tapatalk on my phone. Haven’t seen a section for it. That’s why I’m upset:p