Is there a standard button config everyone uses?


I like to have my stick buttons setup a certain way. Is there a standard universal way buttons are confined for lets says tournaments?

Or can u chnage them when u get there?


You’re not being specific enough.

Are you talking about physical button layouts, or in-game configuration?


[] /\ R1
X O R2

above is standard on most sticks, unless game specific like MCZ Soul Edition or MVC TE or Hori

but most games now have feature at character select screen to peress select and map buttons

if you mean layout, then is Vewlix on most current & last generation of sticks, and the odd Noir release



Sorry I meant button map configuration. Can u set it up any way U want or do tournaments have a standard way. also is there a like a standard way most people Map their buttons?


Most tournaments would let you configure the buttons to whatever the game will let you.
Like, if you play SF and you REALLY want your punch buttons on the bottom row instead of the top, no one’s going to stop you.

Most people map the buttons on their sticks to the standard default config anyways.


Ok thanks. I’ll play with the standard config then.


You know how most if not all games have button check? it’s to check if you mapped your buttons how you want it before a match.


I’m new to this stuff so I wasn’t sure. I’ve been watching cross counter TV a lot and I see these guys passing the stick back and forth and not changing mapping so I figured there was some sort of standard. I like to just chnage the 7th and 8 button(top and bottom)


Street fighter has traditionally been played with the standard 6 button layout:


the 4th and 8th button are either not used or used as macros: PPP or KKK.

Feel free to change it up but remember some of the commands in sfv like vskill MP+MK / vtrigger HP+HK are optimized for the standard layout.


Ok got it thanks. I always played with the standard anyway. I do use the 7th and 8th for focus attack and PPP. It’s just easier to do a cancel that way for me.
I’ll be hitting sfV soon so I should be good.

Thanks for helping. I know the game since I have been playing it on and off for the last 15 years. I was just unaware of this whole tournament stuff. I wish I knew about it before when I was younger.