Is there a store i can just walk into and pick up a Madcatz TE


Seriously i have been looking all day but no place has anything. I just want to go in and pick one up.


If you have one in your area, try Fry’s. :pleased:


Gamestop usually has some. I prefer getting em online though since they’re cheaper.


Im not sure if you are in the south CA Bay Area, was in Fry’s of Sunnyvale on Arquez Street the other day and they had a Rnd 2 TE and 2 Chun Li TE’s on the shelf for Xbox 360.


Wow i seriously expected to get flamed for this post so thanks alot guys for being nice. I have called about 4 different gamestops and they all only have SEs, i have tried walmarts and kmarts and other department stores i guess i will give frys a ring and see if they have any. thanks alot guys
Rt i completely agree with you but i need one asap and dont want to wait for a week for it to get here. hahaha impatience much


Yeah I wasn’t talking about the online Fry’s, I was talking about the Physical store. It would probably help if you posted where you live.


I placed an order with the Gameshark store last week Wed late night/Thurs morning (1am pacific time). When I woke up that Fri my sticks were on the doorstep.

Placed a stick order through amazon this past Mon, they were here by Thurs.

I hear ya about wanting it NOW…but just do the online thing. You won’t wait long and you’ll save $. Amazon has the BlazBlue TE’s for $99 and change, and Markman has a great coupon code for the Gameshark store right now.


I got Amazon prime, so I buy all my stuff off of them. Havent bought arcade sticks, but I would if I was in the market to. I have a prime membership, so I get 2 day free shipping on all items, and $4 overnight delivery. Amazon really has the cheapest prices.

From gameshark, it took me 2.5 weeks to get my stick.


Last resort, call Lamestop again and have them tell you which store in your area does have one!


Or check on their website which is even faster. They have the option to search for inventory of each store, really accurate too! You can even reserve a game/accessory for 24 hours and pick it up in store.

But Gamestop is over priced in store and their employee’s are morons half of the time. Then again you could say the same about any major retail business.


Look it up on gamestops website, then check availability in store by your area code. Then have the gamestop nearest you transfer one in from that store. It’s their job and they CAN do it for you. Also they are priced $120 there which is the same as online unless there’s a special sale going on at a particular website. I was suprised when I got mine b4 xmas (of course before all the super deals, but I wanted it then lol) to see they not only had the first TE stick but also the round 2 and the MvC2 versions in stock as well.


Most gamestops have them in store


or call the store since the website is updated twice a week. -_-


Game Stop.
Some Fry’s or Best Buy locations does have them.

Also you can try smaller (privately owned) video game stores (if they exist in your area).


The best time to buy joysticks new, unopened seems to be November through mid-December. Very easy to find sticks then at least $30-$50 off with free shipping. The V3’s were going down to at least $89.99; R2 TE’s and TE-S’s could be had for $99.99 even last Christmas. Deals on R1’s appear to be slipping and it’s hard to find them for less than $120 now in new condition.

Now that we’re past the big holiday season you’re probably only going to get great deals on used joysticks. $120 still isn’t bad… even with sales tax!

Thank goodness Hori debuted their last sticks (US release) in late summer-October this past year! I actually saved quite a bit on my V3 with all the online sales… :lovin: