Is there a such a thing as portable TV?

I recently bought a PS4 to play SFV. The problem is that TV is a scarce resource in my household. I’d like to play more while others are using the TV. Is there a portable small TV I can buy to plug my PS4 in and I can take it around the house any play anywhere?

Originally I was hoping to be able to do HDMI into an iPad but that doesn’t seem possible.

OMG I didn’t expect this at all lol you guys are friggin awesome

Do you guys know if there will be any noticeable display lag?

you can also buy pc gaming monitors… a decent 23/24" one from ACER or BenQ should cost you ~$150-200. Keep in mind only some have speakers in them, so if you get the one without, just buy a small speaker or something.

It makes more sense to just get a PC monitor over the other options listed here. Mainly because those screens are tiny for the cost. The Hori screen looks like something you might take with you to play in a vehicle though.

The one I linked probably does it’s 720p that upscales to 1080p, I seen people using it at events but didn’t try it. I’d actually just buy something like this for 1/3 of the price and carry it from room to room or whatever.
And has 12ms of lag so it’s very low and you won’t feel lag.

I own the 19in GAEMS Halo version.

Its no longer available, but I assume its the same as the other 19in GAEMs. My opinion is that it is very good for what it is. Convenient for carrying your console and everything you need to play. Only problem is the cost. I got it as a gift, but I probably wouldnt pay $300-400 for this. That said, I am very pleased with it and would recommend it if you can get one for a good price.