Is there a tat thread? If not, here goes


Gaming Tattoos
SRK Lounge: Dear Thurst, Connery > Moore. Thank you

Not trying to cause any grief with the next quesiton, just honest to random diety like knowing the stories behind the tats. So why the dragon?


its from a anime


Shenron tattoo eh?


BAM! My glorious nipple



Sniper Wolf from MGS1 =D. Just got it 2 weeks ago



^That’s pretty dope. Did the fingers hurt?


the goat is dope dude, can’t be too old you still have ink on (in) your knuckles, that’s dedication tattooing your hand man, kudos.


some work I’ve done


That goat misses a fantastic opportunity. Why not have the horns go up the index and pinky? Then when you throw the horns up, you really throw the horns up.


Aren’t you black?


I am indeed

That’s not my hand


what are you doing with someone else’s hand, furious one?
give it back to the poor guy.

also, this thread needs posts of
"When Tatoos Go Terribly Wrong"


looks horribly right to me.


Got this a few years back. Deciding if I want to do my whole leg 8 bit, or just leave him alone.


Fresh off the needle.


here are 2 of mine


Mostly done. Need to fix the pentagram and add some deep red/more gore around the hole.


Here is my tattoo, not the greatest picture but you get the idea.