Is there a Teamspeak or Ventrilo or something like that where fighting game players gather?


It’d be nice if there were one, especially for Marvel since that game isn’t beginner friendly


What are you talking about?


It’s like IRC except for voice chat
Speaking of which isn’t there a fighting game IRC somewhere


not really but i would to start one up are you interested in podcasting all?


I joined a steam group (iirc one of the largest for sf) and they have information for a mumble server they run. I haven’t had a chance to check it out, but it seems like there is activity.


IRC is where people hang out.


So… whats the server then?


Fighting game players from what I understand are more based in the real world (you’re gonna have to get off the PC for this). I find you can usually find a facebook page for your scene and the schedule will be posted there.


It’s called hanging out at Super, Tough Cookie, Next Level, ArcadeUFO, Imperium, Taito Station, CafeID, etc.


if there isnt a scene near you, start it. Many more people buy these games than know anything about the FGC. Host a tournament, put up fliers at the game stores to promote it, then collect contact info from the peps