Is there a term for

someone who purposely goes to the opposing side and acts like a giant douche to make his true side look good?

i.e. atheist acting like a religious zealot and over exaggerating all his actions to turn people off.


Player. Fake. Douche.

There’s more, but I wont go off naming them all, you’re probably fully aware of them.


Stephen Colbertism?


lol qft… I think that bitch is trolling america


Wikipedia claims that it’s called a strawman sockpuppet. I’ve never heard the term, and it was apparently obscure enough that wikipedia editors decided to flag it for lack of references.

I would recommend a more generic, yet suitably pejorative term: shill. (It’s linked at the bottom of the sockpuppet wikipedia page.)

Wow that was exactly what i was looking for. Strawman sockpuppet.


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