Is there a thread for people to list their names for OE/GGPO?


So people can recognize faces, or find other good people to play, or whatever. And if not, can we make that this thread?

360: IglooBob
PS3: HeroicIgloo
GGPO: IglooBob

I’m rarely on PS3 or GGPO, sometimes I play online on 360. I’m not good and my connection is ass, so only add me if your idea of fun is watching Elena teleport across the screen like an asshole. If that sounds like a great time to you, I’m willing to play sets with anyone.


360: MD Stranger

Located in England, use Chun Li and Oro


PS3: Doyoudigworms
360: Doyoudigworms


360: Naeras

I’m downright horrible at the game but I’ll always be up for games if I’m online.


Find me on XBL with zeroes instead of Os.
I’m playing from Toronto.
You can also get some good player tags if you sift through the “Excellent players you played online” thread.



PSN: FuckYouFaggots
PC: BigWeinerDickHolder


psn Darktown2 ( i don’t normally play 3s online or fighting games online in general)
you may see a darktown25 ( if your east coast) which is the account me and my friend use when we screw around online

Supercade TheMasterPiece


goddamn you play a lot of games! I can barely make time for 3s! And I don’t even do that right! I’m late everywhere I go.


I play online once in a blue moon. Anybody near NC wanna add me. PSN SesshaZL.


i don’t really play all them that often ( i only really have fun with ST and 3s) i should probably take off sf x tekken and kof 13… I just learn games easily and start winning when i play for a good amount of time… Yeah i tend to have a lot of days where I just don’t have much to do.


I think I stomped you once. The name sounds really familiar.

Alex3rdStrike on PSN.

Louiscipher on GGPO.


PS3 & 360: KaraFail
US WC players are preferred.


probably, I played a lot on OE when it first came out, before I found peeps and a cab offline to play.


PSN: UYG_EricGGMusic

I still need to FT5/FT10 you I think


I’ve played a couple of people on these boards already.

PSN: RogueFlynn

I won’t be playing for a while though.


You guys should play him. I used to play him when he was a wee little scrub and now he’s just a scrub.



xbox: iNickelly


GGPO nick: Trey15
Location: Louisiana
Main Character: Alex :s


Alexander, is unstoppable