Is there a thread to teach you how to make a custom stick. like wood wise?


haha, what im curious about is what tools and all are good to have. THE MAIN THING I WANA KNOW IS HOW IN THE HECK DO YOU MAKE IT TO WHERE YOU CAN GET THE PLEXI GLASS TO COUNTER SINK IN THE AWESOMNESS YOU PEEPS MAKE!?!? I JUST DONT UNDERSTAND. If there is some type of tutorial or something it would be greatly apprciated. I really wana make a custom stick. I’m always going to tournaments and seeing these nice ass fancy sticks and I wana make one so bad. I have for years. So, if you know anything please help thank you!:wgrin:


There are numerous tutorials in the tutorials sticky:

Definitely read slagcoin:

Joystick Controller - Introduction


Thank you very much. I hope this guide’s me in there right direction.


Also, there’s this thread:

Most everything can be learned from slagcoin, too.


I want to hight light two misconceptions about customs sticks.

A quality custom stick is NEVER (okay very very very very seldom) cheaper than a store bought stick. Expect to pay more.

Just because it was a custom, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is better. On average, a person doesn’t make a custom stick worth buying until they fucked up on two of them learning the craft. Unless you have a lot of woodworking or machining skills, your first stick or two will have flaws that bother you. You will have spent more money on tools and random shit than if you just bought a $130 case in the first place.

Buying these cases will save you a lot of trouble if what you want is a custom arcade stick.


To go with what rtdzign said, practice any special techniques (hand tools, machinery, etc) on scrap pieces of wood first. Make sure you’re comfortable with what you want to do and make sure you can reproduce it consistently before trying on your final product.

I know it may seem like common sense, but definitely take your time.


yeah i was checking these out! They are nice. Im pretty handy. Another thing is stumping me. Im not exactly sure how to wire the JLF… like the one that comes with the sf4 te stick.

Im trying to make a ps2 stick. So Im just kinda stumped. There are only four directions on the stick(lol) and there are five wires… so do you know how to do this? or anyone? im sorry for all the questions but i really wana learn how to do this. Just something i wana do.


One term you will have to learn and look up and understand, backwards and forwards. on slagcoin. Common ground. There are 4 pins for each direction, and one that goes to common ground. A JLF requires that have a “common ground” or at least “common line” PCB to work with it.

Probably should print out this picture for future reference.

Most importantly.

Also before even purchasing a tool, do some research on woodworking safety. It is too easy to get mauled by a power tool.


Wow! thank you so much! This was a ton! of help! lol, you are the man!


Well I’m jacking this thread to save space.
Is there a list of stick modder’s here? I can’t find any threads related to them.


if your a mod im sorry. Im a noob to this tuff. I don’t get on here often and im just trying to find some info about learning how to make a stick. Sorry if im taking the space up. I got what i needed. Thanks


Better to find a list of modders out in trading outlet. There’s also the local modders thread somewhere axis. Too lazy to find it for you

also yeah slagcoin is the main thing that will help out the most. Read that thing front to back for a month before i made my first one


I am not a mod, I never post here.
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There is thread.