Is there a tier list for default teams?

Does anyone know if these exist?

Only in KOF 1994, since you cannot edit the teams at all, meaning whatever is the default team is the one you must choose.

And in that game Ikari Warriors and Kyokugen Team are without question the best. Even in 94 Rebout (Which has Edit function), Kyokugen Team is still the best.

i would like to disagree about the Ikari team. Without the glitches they have some problems with a lot of the cast (for ex. the mexican team). Heidern is ok, but Clark/Ralf have problem against some chars (es. choi,shoto & co).
But the worst team i think it’s the japanese one… goro does a good damage but he’s hella hard to master. I think kyo is the only one in that team who is strong enough.

Yeah without the glitches I agree the Ikari team has a lot of problems (ala 94 Rebout), I am saying with the glitches they are incredibly strong, should the glitches be allowed.

Why would it honestly even matter? Seriously, who gives a shit?

no the glitches should never be allowed… everytime i see on supercade using this way to play cause they are losing i just quit the game…fuck the cheater… win with the ikari team without those stupid glitches is the way should be, just ur skill and no fucking bugs…

The 5 people who play 94 of course.

This is why I play 94 Rebout lol. Don’t have to deal with that at all…

lol thats true rebout fixed the bugs, but cant play it online so … and in this shitty country no one gives a shit about kof94/95… so sad…

KOF XI default team tier list:

K’ Team

Near Top:
Garou MOTW Team
Hero Team

Fatal Fury Team

Rival Team
Anti-Kyokugen Team
Ikari Warriors
Art of Fighting Team
Kyo & Iori Team

Psycho Soldiers
Agent Team

I think no country really cares about 94 and 95…

That’s incorrect. You will find places in Asia as well as Latin America that still play 95 for certain…


wrong… there are a lot of people from Turkey who play 95… i know that they are not japanese but they are still ppl

Anybody got a video of the glitches?

u mean on kof 94?


Best post ever

Yea there are a lot of 95 videos which make me think that there is (or was) a lot of players for it. Makes it one of the most played KOFs (after 97, 98, 2000?, 2002, XI… well kidding about XI)

Also what would the point of team tiers? There is no real connection between teammembers besides meter carry over anyway. Maybe the next KOF should have assists :stuck_out_tongue:

What the hell was going on in the background of the Ralf and Clark videos? o_O