Is there a tier list for project justice?

i was wondering…cause i started getting into PJ again…and im loving it still and im liking all these crazy combos

I haven’t played this in a while, but IIRC Roy was the best character. The rest of the tiers, i can’t remember

Rob/Momo is part of the top tier too. Low tier would be Boman/Iincho. High tiers are probably the Kirishimas, Burning Batsu, Kyosuke, Wild Daigo, etc. Demon Hyo’s merely mid tier from what I can remember.

Edit- On a side note, old threads

isn’t roberto up there?

Yes he is, I just called him “Rob” in the second post. ^_^;

BnB air combo worth 50+% (and surely he has more extended shit than just that) means contender. Roughly the same beast that he was in RS, IMO, with even more tools to work with in PJ.

OH i didn’t see that. I saw it as Roy, cuz of the post before u

yeah, i can do basic shit with him that does 40-60% life… and i’m by no means any good in that game… so i use roberto, eurika, and hideo (only hideo cuz i’m used to shit like him… he’s akuma…lol)

roy can execute infinite on roberto :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone have any threads/discussions on this game? The links posted in here don’t work any more

The videos are hella old


hello ! haven’t played this game for almost half a year .

the tier list is on the wiki

actually everyone had great set ups…project justice was my shit…my cousin still has it and wont sell it to me…lol anyway this is the list of people that are on my wrecking crew (not a tier list)

Batsu Ichimonji
Hinata Wakaba
Kyosuke Kagami
Hayato Nekketsu (wolverine)
Shoma Sawamura
Roberto Miura
Nagare Namikawa
Daigo Kazama
Roy Bromwell (terry bogard…lol)
Tiffany Lords
Akira Kazami
Kyoko Minazuki (healing plus combos)
Hyo Imawano
Kurow Kirishima

damn where is the remake or re-release of this game at…

Burning Batsu, Vatsu, Powered Akira,
Wild Daigo, Demon Hyo are usually banned if there was a tournament for it

yes I was a beast in that game and could destroy anyone


There was a DC PJ tourney 3 weeks ago in my town my crew got first place. Not that where godly or anything its just that we still play this and most ppl who came didn’t.

Could somebody help me out a bit with this game? I hear you guys talking about 40-60% damage combos… The most I can do is about 30% with Roberto and Roy. I usually pick the Gorin team (Roberto,Shoma,Natsu, with Robbie as main). Any tips?

Roberto basic:

d+LK-HP-HK- d/b+HK (LP-LK-HP-HK) qcf+LP dash forward d/b HK repeat ().
I think that works as an OTG anyone correct me if wrong. Haven’t messed around with it in awhile

Tiffany, P Akira, and Shoma ftw

Nice combo there! It does OTG, but the opponent always seems to recover right before I start to lay the air combo on them again. Am I starting it too late?

Yo check these they should help