Is there a time limit for TE?

Ok guys, i bought a TE stick when SF4 came out and i have been using it almost everyday since then, TE stick and the buttons still works like the first day i bought it, atleast its how i feel.

The answer im after is, when should i replace the stick and buttons becouse im so used to the TE stick now i cant feel the difference if its in need of replacement, there gotte be a time limit when its time to replace parts isnt?

Electronics aren’t really like fruits or vegetables…they don’t expire just because time has passed…As long as it feels “right” to you, and they aren’t malfunctioning or acting weird in any way, there’s no reason to replace them, especially high quality parts like Sanwa.

The springs in the joystick and switches wear in over time, but as long as they still feel fine and work right for you, no need to replace them. A lot of us prefer the way they feel after they’ve been broken in anyway.

As a general rule, you can easily leave arcade-grade parts in a home stick for around 2 years before you’d notice anything borking.

And sometimes much longer.
Some people still use stock Namco sticks; i.e. from 1996.