Is there a training aid software program?


hello, I’m looking for a training aid that I can use for super street fighter 4 and Marvel vs Capcom 3. I know there was an old program but there hasn’t been any updates within the last 2 years. Anyone have an idea is there is a training aid out there or someone working on one?


Anyone one?


What is the old program?


Training mode? I’ve never heard of homebrew mods for console fighting games.



this is the program.


That looks like something for the PC…chances are you won’t find any for console games.

Just stick with the training mode the games already have.


oh well, I still practice but I’ll just hope that I can master execution. Dragon punch is giving me trouble right now. :shake:


How are you performing the motion?

  1. read the execution sticky
  2. turn on inputs in training mode
  3. go practice