Is there a trick to get all 3ps or 3ks all the time?

im learning blanka right now and i could lung back and forth by going left or right by pressing all 3 kicks simultaneously but sometimes it doesn’t work. is there like a right way to press all 3 buttons at the sametime?


well i’ve seen people press and hold all 3 buttons for half a second before releasing them, ive seem people hit all three buttons really hard to get it to work, and i’ve seen people lightly tapping all three. i was just wondering which of these method is the one that commonly used

I hold my fingers stiffly in position, and move my hand at the wrist, to ensure that they’re all moving down at the same time.

depends on your stick. the TE stick is godly and I get it every time. no special technique required.


yeah this is what I do

Concentrate on pressing the three punches/kicks, not pressing them at the same time.
That what I do and I’m able to lariat consistently on a PSX pad.

Good quality arcade buttons provided, I’ve honestly never ever had a problem doing this. I’m not trying to brag at all (I’m sooo far from being a particularly skilled or talented player haha), what I mean is that it should be easy if you’re attempting the motion in an effective way. I really think it’s just a matter of having a good method.

Same here. I just keep my fingertips in a solid, even line and then move the whole hand down in unison.

I just make sure to pull all my fingers away quickly.

I think I could really help you on this one. Depending on the emulator you are using, if you are, or using a console, it really all depends on your controller. Now, using GGPO (online emulator for fighting games, created by the creator of Evo2k and shoryuken site) you simply map a button to be 3x Punch and 3x kick. I play with a PlayStation controller currently until I get an arcade stick (IF USING XBOX CONTROLLER LOOK BELOW). My controller is set up exactly like the Super Nintendo settings, Punches from Light to Heavy: Square, Triangle, L1. Kicks: X, Circle, R1. Now if it allows you, bind all 3 Punches to L2 and all 3 Kicks to R2. If it does not allow you to do this in your settings, see if you can set up multiple buttons do the same move. Such as setting all all punches to their buttons and all punches to the desired button for the 3 kick or 3 punch. If that does not work for you, check if there is a turbo button setting, which is likely, So set L1 to be turbo for all of the punches and R1 to be turbo all kicks. If not, well, go buy a controller or arcade stick that has more than a stick and 3 buttons if you really want the EASIEST (1 button) that’s your way to go. Otherwise, using the arcade stick just tapping the 3 buttons is quite easy, but all kicks without a single button is tricky (requires thumb+index). For the record, I prefer to call the lunge the official name, Surprise Forward/Back. And do remember you need to press forward or back WITH the 3 kicks for it to work. Good choice using Blanka. If you ever need help or anything, pm me or make a post “chaddt i need help” :D.

Xbox controller translation. Punches: X, Y, Left Bumper (or Left Trigger, can switch those around if you prefer). Kicks: A, B, Right Bumper (/Right Trigger)
Depending if you used bumpers or triggers for the Heavy Punches/Kicks, you simply set the 3xP and 3xK to the side that the punches/kicks are on.

FYI, I think there’s something weird with the way the game reads them. When I first started on keyboard with Blanka, I would have a button for 3K, and if I rapidly hopped, occasionally, I’d get a roundhouse with the 3K macro.

Are you sure it wasn’t an issue with the keyboard sending limited inputs? I know I’ve had this problem with keyboards in the past, where certain keys would over-ride others, making it impossible to get multiple inputs from some key combinations. If your macro for hopping worked sometimes and not others, then it seems unlikely, unless you were possibly hitting other keys at the same time, which could have caused the conflict.

I have had the same problems in different games, just like je110, where I can not use multiple buttons at once in certain instances. In Counter-Strike, WASD all conflict each other, so I can only go Forward, Left, Right, and Back at one time, instead of having the ability to move forward and to the sides, which sucks, but I have no idea how this is relevant to the thread since I pretty much solved this dude’s problem :smiley:
As for the random roundhouses for Mixah, I would have to say that, either at those times you weren’t holding the correct direction, or hitting a different key (as je110 mentioned), OR you were possibly trying to Surprise Back your way out of some hairball situation. In that case most likely you were trying to leap back and leap back again when Blanka’s feet hit the ground. Then it was most likely your timing. Practice makes perfect.

no, because i later tried it with a PSX pad, and same thing. occassionally, it would just kick.

Alright, well heres the dealio. Its better to press R2 and the direction and MOST of the time do the move rather than pressing triangle and circle with your thumb and R1 with your index and pulling off the move just about NEVER. :D. If using an arcade stick, it will be pretty damn easy.

Ouch, that’s going to hurt you around here :wink:

It depends.
If yer playing hyper fighting for ps2, just hit l1 or l2.
It should be easy with a stick. you can either piano key it or stiff finger it.(press them in quick succession or just jam 3 fings down onto 3 buttons)
With a controller, (i. e snes, ps2, ekkusu bokkusu) make sure you cover both of p or k buttons with yer thumb ands try to press l or r at the same time as you pressed the prev. two.
w/ the genesis, mover yer R hand position to the upper right of the pad and have yer thumb cover all three buttons quickly.