Is there a trick to make a 60 FPS game look smoother in youtube?

hey ya i’m a bit new at this and i was wondering if there was a way make a 60 fps game look smoother at 30 fps for youtube?
i use sony vegas pro to edit but ive had this problem with other video editors as well.
my templet is 1920x1080 main concept mp4 at 29.97 fps bitrate 2pass 10m average 6m

here is a quick example

[media=youtube]hirLt34doxo[/media] notice animation isn’t that smooth in a lot of areas and after the 1st match there is some bad ghosting effects as i forgot to turn resampling off.

ive tried uploading it at 60fps but it causes some sync issues.
same clip! dont get bad till end. this clip tho does look smoother.

29.97 (Drop) is the standard frame rate for Video (24 for Film), but from what I’m seeing I’m not noticing a perceptible animation issue. Most videos you see from tournaments look similar. Have you tried encoding it at a lower resolution? On average, most youtube users don’t even know how to up the quality, so I would say 480p would be sufficient.

EDIT: Also, remember that no matter what you do, YouTube runs it through its own encoder for uploading/streaming purposes, so you do not have control over the final product. If the framerate is truly the defining issue for you, I would suggest encoding the file in a streaming format yourself and host it yourself.

i found out the issue. the youtube 1080p codec uses a lot of cpu power and usally i view my clips while im rendering or editing. my friend who is an editor says as long as it looks smooth in 720p should be fine. i been doing the 29.7whatever fps and my sync problems on yotube are a thing of the past . :slight_smile:

btw even if its just my casual matches and not tournament play, im what you call a quality nazi. i dont want to upload it unless its at least 720p. + its sort of to music so quality is sort of enhances that too.

YouTube cannot do proper 60fps. This is the reason Reverge uses GameTrailers for Friday Night Fights.

I watched the first several seconds of your match in 240p, and the frame rate looked fine.

Btw these are the ‘tricks’, you’re probably looking for: - Coping with Frame Rate Limitations

do they still have files on megaupload? or do i have to dl from gt? the files were big but god i know exactly what that games looks like in motion and i’ve never played it.

The newer ones are all on GT.

thinking about getting viv

ya true but i sort of assumed there for a sec that youtube could encodee everything right to what it needs and it’ll play right at 30 fps but that doesnt seem to be the case because its been causing bad sync issues.

anyways next step in my editing is to learn color enhancement video games in vegas hehe.