Is there a video demonstrating characters whiffing throws from point blank range?


Given all of Marvel 3’s ‘flaws’ this one bugs me the most, because it’s one of the few things in the game that is truly inconsistent and random as far as I can tell. For those that may not know, when two characters are walking at each other, most notably Jill, and you try to throw…sometimes you’ll get an H instead. Just go in to training mode with 2 Jills, have them walking in to each other and throw. After a couple of tries you should get an overhead instead of a throw. Magneto and Ammy are two other characters I know have pretty consistent problems with this.

I talked with a few people from the community shortly after release who experienced the same problem, this is definitely not new information…so does anyone know if there’s a video out there highlighting this particular ‘feature’? I’d like to make sure it gets passed on to Capcom and fixed…


Since Jill sucks I dont think people would care enough to complain.

With that said its probably a matter of inconsistent hit/hurt boxes with those characters against other characters. I believe Storm has some iffy throw ranges as well.


i dont know if its a glitch or whatever but a match between freinds of mine went like this

Tron activates level 3 grab > wesker activates counter hyper > command grab whiffs completely. i cant recall if the range was absolute point blank, but i think the throw shouldve worked for sure. unless wesker counter is immune to throws i dont know. it was a definate WTF moment though.


Yeah there’s definitely a problem with the throw boxes in this game suddenly changing against some characters. She Hulk or Sentinel crouching can’t be regular ground thrown unless you’re literally pixel for pixel right next to them. Which doesn’t happen when trying to throw other characters.

The one thing I like about the game is that the hit boxes are either big enough or too big so you never have to worry about if your normal is going to work just by visuals. If the normal looks like it’s going to hit that far it will hit that far and I’m used to that from games like 3S where the hit box detection is really clean and to the point on most attacks. That SFIV shit of having to guess whether you’re in the right range of your gimped hit box that doesn’t cover the entire limb is stupid.


Well, from what I remember, at EVO, during some of the MVC3 matches, Seth Killian talked a little bit about the hitboxes and stuff. He basically said that the “Hitboxes” in Marvel 3, are not really hitboxes at all. He went on to say that instead of the usuall “Box”, there are “Hitbubbles”, as in circular shapes that join together, to make up a part of a character because of the 3D nature of the game’s graphics/engine. Not exactly sure what specific time he said it or during what match, but I could have sworn that he said something like that.

Very interesting if true. Very, very interesting.


Wesker is invincible until the actual counter activates (super flash) so he probably did the inputs a few frames before Tron’s level 3 and that caused it to whiff.


I heard this on stream too. I think it was during a Hulk match, probably Noah playing.