Is there a way I can get better?


I’m a vita player, my rank is rookie, and my ranked record is literally 20-110. So I’m looking of help.

Here’s the thing. I don’t want to get “ULTIMATE GOD OF CAUSING INSANITY ONLINE” good. I just want to get about good enough to beat 5th lords regularly.

Here’s my info.

Current teams: Phoenix Wright Dante Captain America
Frank West Viewtiful Joe Zero
Iron Fist Chun-Li Taskmaster

I WILL NOT use: Hsien-ko M.O.D.O.K Jill Storm Chris

I want to keep: P.Wright Dante Viewtiful Joe (Zero maybe) Iron Fist Taskmaster

Keep 2 easy character strategies minimal, no 3 easy characters on the same team.


You can check the team-building thread to ask for team-building advice (and your teams are definitely pretty, uh, wacky).

Other than that, exactly what do you need help with? It doesn’t help when you just come in here and ask us to help you but then hardly specify anything.


Online on consoles is bad enough, it must be terrible on Vita. This may not be the best place for you to ask.


I just want to get a little deeper into the game. You know, learn advanced commands and strategies (already know hot to bold cancel and plink dash). Also, and this is coming from a noob a marvel, I don’t want to be the guy who owns everyone with top tier characters or projectiles. I know this game is fun, and I want to have a little more fun by getting better at it. Oh, and I suck at OTGs too.


Read around on the forums (especially character-specific ones), watch videos, etc. An ideal situation would be finding someone offline that you can play with.

That’s fine, but team composition is still important and, honestly, all of your teams suck.


Online on Vita is not actually that bad. I think it’s actually better than the PS3 version, at least.

EDIT: I wouldn’t mind playing a few rounds with you.


Yeah OP, playing low tier does not necessarily mean you just take whatever 3 underused chars you like and bunch them into a “team”. A big part of learning this game is learning how to take advantage of synergy among your chars: when to call which assist, what to do when assist is active, when to DHC out and what to DHC into, etc. and if you really wanna get “about good enough”, as you put it, you’re gonna need an actual team to work with.


How about P.Wright Dante Strider/Vergil(still deciding on that one)
Ammy Doctor Strange Viewtiful Joe
Iron Fist Taskmaster Arthur


Oh and assists Press the Witness Jam Session Vajra/Rapid Slash
Cold Star Bolts of Whatever it’s called Groovy Uppercut
Rising Fang Aim Master Horizontal Fire Bottle Toss


I advise that you head to the team building thread to ask about your team: Official and Only Team Building Thread (ALL TEAM BUILDING TOPICS GO HERE)

I’ll say that you could do a lot worse, but you’ve plenty of things you need to learn about team building.


How’s this? P.Wright Press the Witness Vergil Rapid Slash Dante Jam Session
Viewtiful Joe Shocking Pink Doctor Strange Bolts of Whatever Ammy Cold Star
Iron Fist Rising Fang Taskmaster Aim Master Vertical Arthur/Strider Dagger Toss/Vajra
Could you rate them 1 (don’t even try online) to 10 (at least 1 rage quit everyday because team is to cheap/easy/good)?


Sorry, third team is now Dormammu Liberation Taskmaster Vertical Arthur Dagger Toss.