Is there a way to change how the shoulder buttons map to Xbox 1 on the 360?

I have a HRAP EX that I’ve wired up to be like the SF4 TE stick as far as the button layout goes (mostly to save time reconfiguring it in game). But one problem I noticed was that when I put in my Street Fighter Anniversary Collection disc to play 3rd Strike, I couldn’t map the controls appropriately since (at least by default), the 360 maps both the RB/RT buttons to black. Any way to change this? Or should I just wire back to the default Hori layout?

I would change the layout, sf4 on the the 360 is the only game using that layout. SFHD, and all xbox1 games use lt and rt instead of both RBand RT. Dont change it to the new EX layout (Dont know which EX you have. Newer ones have a different button layout). Go this way


The 360 maps RB to black, LB to white and the triggers to the triggers. The problem is with SFAC which is stupidly enough programmed to treat black and RT / white and LT as the same button.