Is there a way to change the "home" button graphic on a 360 stick?

I remember someone with a HRAP VX(or was a V3) that had their graphic off of their home menu button changed to a custom graphic.

Can anyone give me a quick tutorial on how to do it? Thanks guys.

I think I know the one your talking about. I think they just stuck artwork atop of the button. I could be wrong, though.

Ah yes, I though about that…maybe it really was stuck over. From my memory, the home button on the HRAPV seems “convex” making it hard to stick anything over it. I’ll take another look when I’m not sleepy as hell lol!

I believe if you remove the home button plastic, the xbox logo is just a sticker you can remove. I know there was a build here that specifically called this out…

here’s the post from “check out my new arcade stick…”

Curious about this for the TE stick…is that printed on?

the convex shape on the te might be a bit too much and there is no clear casing on the TE so you can either put a sticker on it or paint it. You can modify the turbo button on the TE with art since that has a casing