Is there a way to connect my 360 SE stick to my PS2?


I want to get the PS2 version of SF Anniversary collection but I don’t have a stick to play with on a PS2. I there a converter to use my SE stick on the PS2?


i dont understand
You want the ps2 version of SF Anniversary Collection stick, which is PS2/XboX compactible, then you say you don’t have a stick to play on the ps2. Is there a converter to use ur SE Stick on ps2? IM CONFUSED.

i guess you mean PS3 version of CE Stick on ur ps2, and the answer to that is no, there no way to convert PS3>PS2 . PS2>PS3 is possible.


Hes talking about the game. Get it for xbox, its backwards compatible with the 360. That is if you have a 360 se stick. If not then i dunno.

yeah, you have a 360 se stick lol


no there is no converter. your options are to buy the xbox anniversary edition as aaron mentioned and play it on the 360 or add a PSX or MC cthulu pcb to your stick as outlined in this guide.