Is there a way to find old avatars?


I was wondering if it was at all possible to look up the old avatars that I’ve had on SRK. I doubt that they are still stored but it would be really nice if I could find them. I recently reformatted and lost all my old avs and would very much like them back…!


They were stored, at a point, but that was a long time ago. Unless you upload them to something like Photobucket or ImageShack, you’re SOL…


Are the ones that were stored long ago in ancient times still around?


If you feel like searching through old threads you might be in luck, but I can’t guarantee anything though…


Unless someone uploaded them to a photobucket or something when they originally made them, no.

Avatars were stored in an ‘attachments’ section in your user control panel.


Try searching google.
Just put your name on there and click images.
Maybe you can find them like that.