Is there a way to get my joystick to work with PC? (Pics inside)


I bought this joystick and it’s pretty good quality. It’s for PS3. When I plug into the PC, it recognizes that it’s a PS3 controller, but is unresponsive in the controllers menu. Anyways, here’s some pics of the inside.

Thanks for the help! I can provide additional pictures or whatever if needed.


try this.


If thats a ps3 pcb then this is the sixaxis driver I use for my pc. Although that doesn’t look like one.


It didn’t work. I tried calibrating after the driver was set up and when I went into SFIV, it kept going down, but I don’t know if that means anything. The driver however works perfectly with my sixaxis, way better than that other driver. Didn’t know there was a new one, so thanks for that, lol.


Doesn’t look like a Sixasis PCB, so it might need a different set of drivers.


Show a pic of the case itself, maybe someone will recognize it.