Is there a way to get my joystick to work with PC?

I bought a random joystick from someone that’s made with good sanwa parts. It’s designated for PS3. I’ve tried plugging it in to my PC and it recognized it was a PS3 controller just like it would if I plugged a Sixaxis in. However, the controller wasn’t responsive, although it showed up in the “controllers” section of my Vista OS.

Is there any possible way of making this work with my PC? Thanks!

It would be nice to know what kind of PCB is used beyond that it is PS3 pcb. Otherwise we couldn’t tell you.

maybe using joy2key?

Oh, umm the board is rectangular, so I don’t think it’s off a controller. Sorry I’m a joystick noob, how can I identify what kind of PCB it is?

take a picture and show us