Is there a way to light the inside of a fightstick?

I want to do a Tron theme on a fightstick and wanted to know if it could be done

IIRC, 10stars has a fightstick like that but IDK if it’s custom built or not. The buttons also light up when he presses them. Looks nice as hell.

Ah, is there a way to contact them?

did you mean like this?

the method he used is electroluminescent paper with overhead transperancies

be prepared to have some soldering know-how and to bleed cash on the EL paper + inverter

Yes, that is awesome

Now all I need is someone who can do it lol, looks impossible for someone like me

10stars is an MvC3 player

Idk how he did it, just wanted to let you know it can be done. Good luck on getting it done though

He is using a TEK-Case from Tek Innovations.

For the LED with Button Activation, is either a simple circuit.

Or is using the FGWidget LED Controller.

Here is my latest LED Mod in TEK-Case for a customer.

But Orion Tucker is not wanting light from Buttons though.
He wants the inside of Case to be lighted.

Like d3v said, can do with EL and Inverter for the Tron.
Or Orion Tucker can have LED be just always on when Arcade Stick is connected to console.

10star has a tek-case with light-on activation buttons.
The EL panel is the super-pro way to do it, but if you just had an all-plexi top with LEDs behind it you’d probably get a good effect. For best results perhaps some kind of frosted plexi to diffuse the light more.