Is there a way to mod a 360 pad to play on a ps4?

so i have this 360 pad that has a really good dpad that i want to be able to use for street fighter 5? is there any mods that will allow me to be able to play it on ps4?

I thought 360 pads were notorious for having awful d-pads?

With a will, there’s always a way.

That being said, if you can’t be assed to Frankenstein your pad then [these converters work well.](Brook Converters Thread

i have this afterglow controller the dpad on it is really really good

Fixed for @Gummo who can probably do something about this.

Now can someone put the PCB of a PS4 into a Dreamcast Controller. That would be sweet. Love that Dreamcast controller. Feels so good in my hands.

There’s two ways. One is to put the brook ps4 fightboard in it, but that’s only if it can fit. It’s the smallest sized ps4 pcb available, but still might not be able to fit.
The other way which I know will work is to put in a cerberus. It’s small enough to fit. The only issue is that it’s a ps3 board with limited ps4 support (has the 8min timeout ).


Would this be close enough to “XBox 360 feels” to work for you?

The Afterglow controller by PDP? I didn’t know PDP could make a controller with a good dpad.

I hate when PlayStation controllers gets a nasty Xbox layout.

its not the feel its just the d-pad on the controller is really good…i just picked up the hori fight ps3/ps4 fight commander to see if ill get the same feel from it worse comes to worse ill get a converter or stop by a moder and see if someone will do it for me.